The Imperial Shipyard Route is open to visitors

Stocznia Cesarska Development and the Maritime Historical Foundation invite you to the newly created sightseeing route.

Along the route with 13 panels, which includes descriptions and visual material, you can learn about the history of this shipyard and the people that worked here. People can explore the industrial heritage and at the same time get acquainted with the revitalization plans. Now the owner of the Imperial Shipyard has opened the area, places previously unknown to many people, or only from historical textbooks, are becoming recognizable and tangible. The cooperation between the landowner and the Maritime Historical Foundation has so far resulted in the organization of guided tours, in which over 3300 participants took part since April this year. Now anyone willing can visit the Imperial Shipyard on their own and no historical accent of this places will escape his or her attention. “The Imperial Shipyard is full of history, which was, is and will be associated with this area”. – said Gerard Schuurman, Director of the Imperial Shipyard in September during the inauguration of the cooperation with the Foundation.

The until recently closed area of the Imperial Shipyard is becoming more and more visited by residents and tourists. “Thanks to the fact that the owner of the Imperial Shipyard opened the area and the historically and architecturally most interesting objects, our trips became an important and well-rated attraction for tourists and residents of Pomerania. Through social media, the information about the possibility of entering such unusual places has reached several hundred thousand people. I believe that thanks to this we make people aware that there are unique objects on the post-shipyard area and everything should be done to enable their revitalization in order to protect them from complete degradation.” says Jarosław Żurawiński, President of the Maritime Historical Foundation

Stocznia Cesarska Development (formerly operating under the name Edonia), undertaking formal cooperation with the Maritime Historical Foundation, aims to strengthen the memory of the historical heritage of the Shipyard area in Gdansk. “The past is definitely one of the values of this area, which we want to preserve and emphasize as much as possible. – declares the Director of the Imperial Shipyard, Gerard Schuurman. “The revitalization processes of the Imperial Shipyard will lead to the introduction of new life into buildings which are currently in a very bad technical condition. We want to create the new stories respecting the history of this place.”